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  Last Updated 22nd July, 2014  

News Headlines

  Round 12 Report  
  Another great day for the Club, for the 3rd week in a won we won all games.
The under 19's are player fantastic football and find themselves one game out of the top 4 - a huge turnaround and full credit to coach Shane Newman and the commitment of the players.
An undermanned reserves team had a very gutsy win against 3rd placed Forest Hill. They were missing 5 of their best players including captain Tim Beasley and vice captain Jake Bentley who were playing Seniors.
The 1's, who were also missing 5 regular players had a great win against the 4th placed Forest Hill. They got the jump on us in the 1st quarter kicking 4 goals to 2 goals however we held them to only 2 more games for the game! We won by 4 goals in a hard fought game in terrible conditions.

Warrandyte 65 defeated Forest Hill 41

Goal Kickers: L. Dunn 3, J. Appleby 2, J. Eyre , D. Hand , T. Hookey , L. Evans
Best Players: D. Hand, T. Ratcliffe, T. Holman, J. Appleby, J. Daley, S. Harris

Warrandyte 64 defeated Forest Hill 53

Goal Kickers: J. Wright 2, B. Taylor 2, N. Prelorenzo , J. Prelorenzo , M. Munro , T. Konrad , G. Hitchman
Best Players: J. Prelorenzo, N. Prelorenzo, M. Munro, L. Jurey, B. Taylor, T. Konr

Under 19's
Warrandyte 68 defeated Forest Hill 47

Goal Kickers: S. Philip-Owen , J. Bektash , T. Hentschke , C. Prior , B. Pynt , D. Corke , S. Ternes , N. Lee , J. Tzemis
Best Players: T. Hentschke, D. Mifsud, S. Philip-Owen, S. Ternes, J. Martin, L. Frow
  Round 9 Reports  
Warrandyte 93 defeated FG 42

In wet conditions we played a great team game to beat FG by 51pts. FG sat in 5th spot and playing them at their ground is always a tough encounter. Once we settled we played some tough football to take a small lead at half time. The last 3 minutes in the 3rd qtr saw FG kick 3 in a row andcome within 9 points at the final break. The boys took it up a notch to kick 7 goals in the last qrt to nil and take the victory.
Luke Dunn kicked 5 goals and now has 48 for the season while the return of Josh Barrett to the side after a 2 week suspension was fantastic. Jacob Daley, Troy Ratcliffe, Tom Appleby and Mitch Gaffney relished in the wet to all have great games.

Goal Kickers: L. Dunn 5, J. Barrett 3, M. Morello 2, S. Harris , K. Sultana , T. Naughtin , J. Daley
Best Players: J. Daley, T. Ratcliffe, D. Hand, T. Naughtin, L. Oliver, M. Gaffney

Warrandyte 65 defeated FG 45

It was 2nd v 3rd in this game with both teams having lost just 1 game each for the season.
In a low scoring but high pressure game, we took a 5 point lead at the main break and a 3 point lead at 3 qtr time. Fortunately we kicked 3.7 in the last Qtr to FG's 1.1 to take victory.
Goals were at a premium and Garth Hitchman continued his great form up forward with 4 majors. Kyle Speers kicked 2 outstanding team lifting goals in the last qtr to seal the game in an all round fantastic gusty team performance.

Goal Kickers: G. Hitchman 4, K. Speers 2, J. Wright , B. Taylor , M. Munro
Best Players: T. Beasley, J. Bentley, N. Prelorenzo, B. Taylor, J. Prelorenzo, M. Munro

Under 19's
FG 120 defeated Warrandyte 44

FG are undefeated in the Under 19's and they certainly played like that. There were some big bodies in their side and they played great football.
After not scoring in the first Qtr our boys tried hard all day but just couldn't match it with them.

Goal Kickers: O. Power-Priede 2, J. Roycroft , N. Lee , S. Ternes , K. Newman
Best Players: B. Pynt, O. Power-Priede, B. Mifsud, S. Ternes, M. Ratcliffe, K. Newman
  Warrandyte FC Presidents and Sponsors Lunch  
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  Round 7 Reports  
Warrandyte 29.19-193 defeated Coldstream 6.2.38

A all round terrific performance kicking 29 goals for the game. These are the games we need to win and to win so convincingly was outstanding
Luke Dunn continues his outstanding form up forward and is leading the division goal kicking.
Lee Evan was dominant at CHF with his strong leading and marking
Tom Appleby had his best game so far of the season picking up 30 plus possessions
We kicked 10 goals in the last qtr!
Our backline....are currently ranked 2nd for goals kicked against us.

Goal Kickers: L. Dunn 7, M. Morello 4, L. Evans 4, R. Ansaldi 3, S. Tansley 3, K. Sultana 3, T. Appleby 2, T. Hookey 2, P. Heffernan
Best Players: Tom Appleby, Luke Dunn, Lee Evan, Mick Chimenton, Steve Harris

Warrandyte 25.21-171 defeated Coldstream 3.3.21

A huge win by the Reserves puts us back on top of the ladder!
Gareth Hitchman up forward had a day out with 7 goals while Trent Parker returning from injury through the reserves kicked 6.

Goal Kickers: G. Hitchman 7, T. Parker 6, J. Wright 5, B. Taylor 4, M. Munro , T. Beasley , D. Burns
Best Players: G. Hitchman, J. Stringer, L. Jurey, B. Taylor, B. Opteynde, D. Burns

Under 19's
Warrandyte 13.7-85 defeated Coldstream 13.4-82

A great performance by the Under 19's, finally winning a close one.
After getting out to 15 point lead during the last qtr, Coldstream kicked 3 in a row and with 2 minutes to go we were 3pts behind and it looked like we were going to lose another close one!
Fortunately we got a free kick which resulted in a goal with 30 seconds to go!
The boys enjoyed the win......one expects this will be the start of many more to come.

Goal Kickers: N. Lee 4, S. Bowers 4, C. Prior 2, S. Ternes , K. Newman , D. Mifsud
Best Players: J. Tzemis, B. Pynt, D. Mifsud, S. Bowers, S. Ternes, M. BIlos
  Round 6 Reports  
Warrandyte 91 defeated by Park Orchards 113

A new local derby started on Saturday with us taking on Park Orchards in the Warrandyte Community Bank Cup. We had a couple of key players missing in this game due to work commitments which unsettled our structures a little however we felt confident heading into the game to challenge the league leaders. The boys were undisciplined in the first qtr with their attack on the ball and gave away too many free kicks which resulted in goals. 9 goals to 2 at qtr time (we kicked the 1st goal) and nothing was going to plan.
A great rev up by coach Michael Tout at qtr time got the guys focused and the 2nd qtr was unbelievable. We moved the ball well, hit the targets and most importantly scored goals. 8 goals to 1 and 10pts UP at half time!
In the 3rd qtr we got to 17pts up with Arch kicking two in a row but then the boys relaxed for 5 minutes and PO kicked 4 in a row and suddenly they were back in front at the last break.
We gave it all in the last qtr however they were a little fitter and smarter with the ball and they ran away with the win.
Overall we played 2 qtrs of good football and if we play like that for 4qtr we will beat most sides.

Goal Kickers: G. Archer 3, L. Dunn 3, K. Sultana 2, M. Gaffney , J. Barrett , R. Ansaldi , L. Evans , T. Ratcliffe
Best Players: L. Dunn, G. Archer, T. Naughtin, L. Evans, T. Hookey, T. Holman

Warrandyte 69 defeated by Park Orchards 86

Unfortunately the reserves suffered their first lost of the season to the hands of PO who were 2nd on the ladder. A slow start saw them kick away early and we found ourselves nearly 40pts down in the second qtr. The boys fought back towards half time but once again they kicked away during the 3rd qtr. A mini comeback in the last was on the cards as we went forward time and time again however we kicked 4.6 in the last qtr to fall short. Who knows what would have happened if we had kicked straight!
They had a power forward who kicked 7 of their 12 goals and was simply too good for us.
Best players - Patty Heffernan, Ben Taylor, Garth Hitchman, Jake Bentley

Under 19's
Warrandyte 64 defeated by Park Orchards 74

Goal Kickers: S. Bowers 2, S. Philip-Owen , C. Prior , T. Hentschke , D. Mifsud , N. Lee , S. Ternes
Best Players: S. Philip-Owen, B. Pynt, M. Ratcliffe, S. Valentine, B. McMellan, D. Corke
  Round 5 Reports  
Warrandyte 9.10.64 defeated Forest Hill 5.8.38

All week we prepared to be hard at the contest and flex our muscles and show Forest Hill from the first bounce it was going to be a hard day at the office. In very wet and slippery conditions the guys did all that was asked of them and put their heads over the ball and didn't stop hunting the footy.
Getting off to a solid start was the key and we entered half time with a 21pt lead. Then the rain really came down and made it very hard to score. Forest Hill kicked the first 2 goals of the second half and it was game on. Fortunately our in and under players such as Jacob Daley, Troy Ratcliffe, Tom Appleby and Josh Eyre flexed their muscles and took back control of the game.
Luke Dunn continued his goal kicking spree this year with 4 goals while small forward Kyle Sultana chipped in with a couple.
Our backline continues to solid with new recruit Lewis Oliver having a great game at centre half back.
In is unfair not to name every player in the side as everyone put in a 100% effort. The song was sang loud in the rooms after the game!
Now to Park Orchards and to take top spot on the ladder!

Goal Kickers: L. Dunn 4, K. Sultana 2, M. Morello , J. Eyre , T. Appleby
Best Players: J, Daley, T Naughtin, J. Eyre, T. Holman, T Hookey, C. Johnstone

Warrandyte 10.8.68 defeated Forest Hills 7.7.49

We remain undefeated in the reserves with a hard fought win against 2nd placed Forest Hills. It was a solid 4qtr performance by every player in wet conditions. It was our biggest test to date and the boys stepped up and proved we are a very good team.
Forest Hill kept coming at us all game but to the guys credit they had all answers.

Goal Kickers: L. Jurey 3, M. Colborne-Veel 2, P. Heffernan 2, T. Versteegen , B. Taylor , N. Prelorenzo
Best Players: B. Taylor, T. Versteegen, N. Prelorenzo, J. Bentley, T. Beasley, M Munro

Under 19's
Forest Hill 10.9.69 defeated Warrandyte 6.16.52

Wet weather and soggy conditions greeted us for our first home game of the season. The positive was we had access to our own change rooms for the first time in over a year and we were playing in front of our home crowd.
Forest Hill had similar results to us coming into the game so with Sean and Scott returning, we had high hopes heading into the contest.
The first quarter saw us strong at the contest but Forest Hill opened us up a few times when rebounding from our forward line which put undue pressure on our defenders. Although we dominated the inside 50 count, we went into the quarter time break down 2.5 to 3.2.
The second quarter was a similar outcome although our inability to push back and fill space was allowing our opponents an easy transition into their forward line. Warrandyte trailed 3.8 to 5.7 at half time.
The third quarter started with Frowdy setting the standard for aggression and physical intent. His attack on the ball sparked the boys and once again we were controlling the contested footy. Unfortunately our inaccuracy was preventing us from capitalizing on our dominance. 1.6 from the quarter to our opponents 1.2 saw a lot of opportunities wasted.
Once again we dominated the final quarter early but we again failed to capitalize. Although we drew level, we were unable to hit the lead and Forest Hill hit back with a couple of late goals.
There were plenty of lessons to take out of the game. Most importantly, you have to take your opportunities when they present. No one can maintain momentum for a full 4 quarters but the key is to make the most of the momentum when you build it. Warrandyte controlled large sections of the play on Saturday but we couldn't put the ball between the uprights when it mattered.
We had more inside 50s, more scoring shots, more clearances but we were deficient in the most important stat, goals.
Looking at the positives, the increased game time of Scott and Daniel and the return of Sean were all welcomed. All 3 will be much better for the 4 quarters and I'm sure their roles will increase again this week.
It would have been nice to pinch a win or 2 while we were undermanned but it wasn't to be. Jake Martin should also return in 2 or 3 weeks so we're slowly putting a strong squad back together. The key is to start accumulating some wins now.
  Round 4 Reports  
Warrandyte 12.13.85 defeated Nunawading 3.3.21

In perfect timing, the rain commenced right on bounce time for the Seniors and the game was played under wet and slippery conditions. We were fortunate to start strongly and kicked 4 of the first 5 goals of the game. The players worked extremely hard in trying conditions that was a true wet weather football display. The in and under players (Ratcliffe, Appleby, Daley) enjoyed the conditions and helped push the ball forward to allow our forwards to hit the scoreboard.
With the game over at half time the second half provided little highlights expect for the crowd searching for cover as the rain got heavier. In the end we won by 10 goals and continued our winning streak.
Full Forward Luke Dunn continued his great form in front of goals kicking 3 more and is heading the competition goal kicking. The backline was solid as rock lead by key backs Andrew White and Lewis Oliver.
The most pleasing part of the the last three weeks has been the opportunity for the new players at the Club to continue to play footy together. This will only help us develop and push towards the finals. The more we play together the better we will get.

Goal Kickers: L. Dunn 3, T. Parker 2, T. Appleby 2, P. Burgoyne 2, G. Archer , R. Ansaldi , J. Prelorenzo
Best Players: A. White, T. Holman, T. Ratcliffe, L. Oliver, S. Tansley, M. Gaffney

Warrandyte 24.18.162 defeated Nunawading 1.1.7

The dominance of the reserves continued last Saturday with a demanding victory against Nunawading. It is 4 in a row for the reserves, with 3 of those wins over 20 goals. They sit on top of the ladder with a percentage of 757! In the 4 games we have had a combined score of 644 to only 85 kicked against us!
In cold conditions at our home ground for the first time this season, the guys started strongly and never took the foot of the peddle in a rampaging performance that started the day in great fashion.
All players put in a solid 4qtr performance and hit the scoreboard well and we had 10 individual goal scorers which was pleasing. "Chuck" Johnstone continues to press for season selection by driving the ball into the forward line on many occasions while the forward line headed up by Jack Wright, Patty Heff and BT had a field day.
We now look forward to Saturday again at home against Forest Hills who are also undefeated and sit 2nd on the ladder.

Goal Kickers: J. Wright 5, P. Heffernan 4, B. Taylor 4, M. Munro 3, D. Rodoni 2, T. Huglin 2, J. Miller , J. Doguet , R. Pascoe , A. Reddie
Best Players: C. Johnstone, P. Heffernan, M. Munro, B. Taylor, J. Bentley, T. Beasley

Under 19's
They had a bye this week.
  Round 3 Reports  
Warrandyte 18.14.122 defeated Surrey Park 7.5.47

After some wet and windy conditions for the reserves it turned out to be a great afternoon for football. Surrey Park had yet to win a game this season and suffered a huge loss in Round 2 so we knew they would come out strong.
They dominated the beginning of the first quarter and they crept out to a 15pt lead. We could not get our hands on the ball and when we did we didn't use it very well. Thankfully we settled towards the end of the quarter and managed to be only 5pts down at the first change.
The boys received a fair spray at quarter time by the coach where they were politely asked to go harder!
They responded in fine style kicking 6 goals to 1 in the second quarter and took a 27pt lead into the main change. Forward Luke Dunn managed 5 goals to half time and was proving a handful around the big sticks.
The second half was similar to the second quarter with the Bloods dominating the play. We kicked 9 goals to 2 in the last half to run away with a 75pt win. Dunn finished with a career best 8 goals and was clearly the best player on the ground.
New recruit Jacob Daley continued his good form in the centre with the Appleby brothers also a handful for the opposition.
Our backline was outstanding after quarter time lead by Hookey, Harris, Oliver- a very dominant half back line.
Two good wins in a row by the boys and looking forward to our first home game this weekend against Nunawading.

Warrandyte 11.15.81 defeated Surrey Park 2.4.16

The reserves remain undefeated for season 2014 with a 65pt win against Surrey Park and have taken top spot on the ladder!
The game commenced in wet and windy conditions and was a hard contested game in the first half. Just 4 goals were kicked, fortunately we had kicked 3 of them (and 6 points) and took a 18pt lead into half time.
We moved the ball better in the second half and totally outclassed them kicking 8 goals to 1 and ran away with a comfortable win.
Having large numbers at the Club certainly helping the quality of the reserves and making it a great place to play football.

Under 19s
Surrey Park 8.17.65 defeated Warrandyte 8.7 55

Round 3 saw the Bloods head to Surrey Park. This week we welcomed Matt O'Brien for his first game with the club and Daniel Mifsud returned after a long lay off following foot surgery.
The game started with a strong breeze blowing across the ground and the Bloods seemed to struggle a bit with the conditions. Too often we went wide and our ball use was less than we expected.
At quarter time we were 4 points down.
The second quarter was disappointing with the breeze swinging around from the west and with the wind at their backs, Surrey Park used it well. They were direct with their ball movement and the run from the midfielders was hurting us.
At half time Warrandyte trailed 2.4 to 6.8. A 28 point deficit.
After re-assessing at half time, the effort was much improved and the Warrandyte players started to dominate the play. Quality clearances and quick ball movement saw the Bloods kick several goals and it was game on. Daniel Mifsud moved into the midfield rotation and Scott Ternes came onto the ground in the 3rd quarter which gave our forward line more structure.
After drawing level in the 3rd quarter, Warrandyte went into the ¾ time break 7.6 48 to 7.12 54.
The last quarter was a hard fought battle. Although Surrey had the breeze, Warrandyte had their share of the ball. At the final siren, the Bloods were 10 points adrift.
Assessing the game, we've bought a lot of new players into the team this year but they're starting to settle in well. Looking at the positives, Sean Bowers and Jayden should return for our next game and Scott Ternes and Jordan should be over the injuries that have seen them play limited game time. Together with Daniel who will definitely be better for the run, our midfield should have some much needed depth for the upcoming games.
Our first 3 games have seen us within 9 points at ¾ time but small lapses of concentration or lack of numbers have seen us fall short . With players now returning, I'd expect we should see a better result when we face those teams at home. The key is to start putting wins on the board now we are returning to full strength. Winning breeds confidence and I have no doubt we can get on a roll with quality players returning.

Looking forward, we now have some home games coming up. A bye this week and then our first home game against Forest Hill.
  Round 2 Reports  
Warrandyte 23.10.158 defeated Eastern Lions 3.4.22

Eastern Lions had a great win the week before against Kilsyth in Round 1 so we knew they had improved on their 2013. It had been a solid week on the track, in the wet and we were fired up to get our first win on the board. We made two changes for the game bringing in two running players Ross Ansaldi (new for 2014) and Kyle Speers. It turned out to be a nice Autumn day with a 3-4 wind towards one end with the ground in perfect condition after a week of solid rain.

A 6 goal to 1 first Qtr with the wind was just what we needed with all players having a red hot crack.

In the second Qtr we dropped Tim Hookey back as a loose man in defence to combat the wind. He read the play extremely well and was rebounding the ball as quickly as it came in. They managed just 2 goals into the wind and we kicked 3 goals 4pts to take a 41pt lead into the main break. A half time malle (not our fault) got the players fired up and they came out breathing fire.

We kicked 14.12 in the second half to their 1pt and we ran away with a 136pt victory. To the Eastern Lions credit they never stopped applying pressure and kept trying until the final siren sounded. We just played extremely well and moved the footy with great execution.

We had 9 individual goal scorers with Josh Barrett kicking 5, Luke Dunn 4, Kyle Sultana 4 and Ross Ansaldi 3. The positive for the game was the form of our new players to 2014, it obviously took a game for everyone to click and hopefully this is start of good things to follow.

Best players - Tim Hookey, Kyle Sultana, Jacob Daley, Josh Barrett, Troy Ratcliffe and Dave Hand.

Warrandyte 33.25.223 defeated Eastern Lions 2.2.14

Coming off a 130pt win the week we had much confidence coming into the game. Due to high numbers at the Club we rotated 6 players into the side from Rd1.

As you can see by the score the game was somewhat one sided with our boys dominating the entire the game. We kicked 9 goals in the first half and then in the second half we kicked 24 goals and 17pts to totally destroy the opposition.

Scotty Patroni who kicked 8 the week before continued his form with another 7 and 14 other players hit the scoreboard. All up it was a great game and day for the club.

Goal Kickers: S. Patroni 7, J. Stringer 4, B. Taylor 4, N. Clapham 3, L. Saunders 3, M. Munro 2, J. Wright 2, N. Prelorenzo , J. Miller , J. Bentley , R. Pascoe , T. Beasley , J. Prelorenzo , P. Heffernan , D. Rodoni
Best Players: J. Stringer, C. Johnstone, M. Munro, S. Patroni, J. Bentley, T. Beasley

Under 19's
By Shane Newman

Eastern 13.14.92 defeated Warrandyte 10.7.67

Round 2 was a bit of a copy of Round 1.

Warrandyte finishing the game with 16 fit players and being overrun in the last quarter. The difference this week was we got off to a reasonable start and the Bloods led at every change but not at the conclusion of the game.

There were plenty of areas for us to improve on. Eastern Lions had a dominant ruck man who controlled the stoppages and with some of our stronger midfielders out, we were often starting our attacking thrusts off half back. It's important we learn to nullify the opposition mids better when they have the advantage although I'd expect improved fitness and the return of injured players should help in that area.

Looking at the positives, Occy, Patto and Darcy played their first games for the club and all acquitted themselves well. Sid was excellent again and Frowdy continued to attack the ball well.

The break has come at a good time for us and hopefully we'll get one or 2 players back and those who are carrying injuries will enjoy the break.

It was also positive for the club that every player who started on the ground on Saturday trained at least once which can only make us stronger. With the probability of having a couple of players on the bench next week, those who train will have first opportunity to prove themselves again.

Stay positive boys, we led most of the game against a team who had won by 140 points the week before. With some quality players returning over the next couple of weeks, I'd expect our fortunes to turn.
  Round 1 Reports  
By Michael Tout

Silvan 21.13. 139 defeated Warrandyte 14.17.101

We headed to Silvan with some uncertainty of what was to happen. 7 new players in the side, a venue we have never played on before and we knew little about the opposition apart from they finished 3rd in 2013. It had been a big pre-season and we knew expectations were high. The reserves had delivered Silvan a 130pt thrashing so we wanted to continue the theme of the day.

Things don't always go to plan - The first Qtr was extremely disappointing - 42 to 8 in Sivan's favor. They played the small ground extremely well and we were very flat footed and were caught napping.

I asked the boys at Qtr time for a big second quarter to try to get back into the game. We moved the ball well, took chances and started scoring. A 6 goal quarter (which should have been more) saw us 15 points down at the main break.

We had our chances in the 3rd Qtr however we butchered the ball and turn overs cost us on the scoreboard. We missed some easy chances around goal and gave them some easy goals which hurt us. Suddenly we were 40 points down at the final break.

The last quarter was even and we went down by 38 points. The positives were the form of Lee Evans, who after a injury plagued 2013 presented well and took some strong grabs all over the ground. New players such as Josh "Barrel" Barrett and Stephen Harris showed us patches on why we recruited them however a 4 quarter performance is needed by them. Kyle Sultana, Luke Dunn, Tim Hookey and skipper Tom Naughtin performed well but there was too many passengers.

We are told Silvan are the bench mark of the competition so we know we have a lot of work to do however with so many new players playing we need more game time together.

By Wally Cashion

Warrandyte 27.16.178 defeated Silvan 7.4.48

What a great start to the season! Around 12 players missed out on a game this weekend so we knew the side we had in the reserves was going to be strong. We also had around 8 players that had played 1's in 2013.

The boys started well and were hard at the ball and moved it well on the small ground. A 28pt lead at quarter time rewarded the hard running and good kicking. We were a little slow in the second quarter and struggled to damage the scoreboard for the amount of ball we had. It was 3 goals each so at half time we had a 5 goal lead.

The second half was a different game. We kicked 19 goals and Silvan kicked 3. There were many highlights - none better than our full forward Scotty Patroni who finished with 8 goals and was just far too strong up forward - could have kicked more with straight kicking. Ever reliable Jake Bentley was BOG and new player Thomas "Wellsy" had a great game along with Ben Taylor, Kyle Speers and Ryan Pascoe. The Twins - Jack & Nick also had solid games.

All in all, the boys did everything asked off them and the guys that missed out on a Senior game will be pushing selection.

Under 19s
By Shane Newman

Silvan 14.8.90 defeated Warrandyte 8.12.60

Our first game on 2014 commenced with Warrandyte heading to the rural setting of Silvan with 17 players.

Slippery conditions and a small ground seemed to unsettle our players early and the first half saw the Bloods dropping marks, fumbling the ball and struggling play with any composure. Conversely, the bigger bodies of Silvan relished the conditions and they were able to maintain a contested and congested style of game which seemed to suit their team structure and saw them head into the break leading by 12 points.

The third quarter was a better display with Warrandyte running more, sharing the ball and hitting our targets. Handball receives were up and we were managing to transition the ball more often without turning it over. Although Scott Ternes was struggling with an ankle injury, he was hitting the contests hard up forward, often against their loose man and he was rewarded with some quality goals. After Silvan got away to a 20 point lead early, the Warrandyte boys started to control the game and the Bloods edged to within 4 points late in the term. With Warrandyte having the win in the last quarter, an upset seemed to be brewing.

Unfortunately Lachy Frowd suffered a head knock which saw him leave the field and Sean Bowers injured his ankle and was stretched from the field. 15 players against 18 was proving a difficult proposition and Silvan kicked away with a couple of late goals to lead by 14 points at 3/4 time.

The last quarter saw Warrandyte peppering the goal face but our inaccuracy was hurting. Early goals may have put more pressure on Silvan but our inability to capitalize on our momentum was going to come back to haunt us.

Silvans 4 goals 1 to our 7 points saw them run away comfortable winners.

Although a loss was disappointing, the effort of the players was admirable. After struggling with the conditions early, the Bloods adapted and although Silvan had a full complement of 24 players, a 16 man Warrandyte pressured them all the way to the final siren.

Best players included Sean Bowers who has started the season in brilliant form. Although the Silvan players and crowd tried to get under his skin, Sean was a dominant player until he went down with injury.

Michael Bilos, Scott and Sid were also excellent which is great for the club to have such talented bottom age players coming through.

The challenge now is to get some players in to cover our injuries and to get on with winning games.

Lots of positives to come out of the game. We can see that when we maintain possession, run and create and share the ball, we're a quality team. Let's focus on playing to our strengths and the wins will come.
  Membership 2014 - Share The Journey  
  Warrandyte Football Club is pleased to launch its membership campaign for 2014.
"Share The Journey" will be the slogan in 2014 as we strive to get back into 3rd Division. We are a Community Club and want everyone to support the Club through buying a membership and to share the journey with us.

You will no doubt have noticed that the new community facility Warrandyte Reserve is well on the way to completion which once completed will give the Warrandyte Sporting Clubs some of the best playing and social facilities in Metropolitan Melbourne.

Without generous financial support from the local community, our terrific sponsors and member, the club could simply not operate in its current capacity.
It is a constant battle to raise money to improve the playing list, both in terms of recruiting new players but more importantly to attract good coaching and support staff to develop our talented home grown crop of players into Warrandyte's next senior premiership team.

To be competitive in the Eastern Football League we must increase our membership base.

2014 will be the start of a new era for the Warrandyte Football Club and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Warrandyte Football Club Membership packages range from just $30 to $100.

Click on the attached link to download your membership form.
  WFC Season Launch  
  The annual Warrandyte Football Club Season Launch will take place on Sunday 30th March 2014 at the Grand Hotel. The event will kick off at 1pm and will feature the -

Introduction of the new Coaches & Players for 2014
Annual Player Auction
Special Guest interview
Announcement of the 2014 captains & leadership team

Entry is just $20 which includes cocktail food (drinks at bar prices).

See attached flyer for further information.
  Warrandyte FC now has it's own App!  
  All players, supporters, past players and sponsors with a smart phone can download the App and would be encouraged to do so as all the latest news and events will be updated via the App. To download, search for "Team App" in the App store and then search for "Warrandyte FC" within the App. More information can be found at http://www.teamapp.com/   
  Warrandyte Fun Run  
  Over 30 players participated in the annual Warrandyte Fun Run on Sunday 2nd February.
It was a great representation from the Football Club which was extremely well received from the local Community.
Congratulations to Tim Beasley who took the honours by winning the footy club challenge over 8km in a time of 32.51 and finished 3rd overall of the 100 participants.
Tim was well ahead of the group with Luke Brewis finishing in 2nd place with a time of 34.29 (blaming two shoe lace mishaps as his downfall).
Well done for all that participated and congratulations to the Warrandyte Sporting Group on another successful event, promoting fitness in the community.
  2014 Run Warrandyte  
  Run Warrandyte is back again this year on Sunday 2nd of February, and WFC requires 10 volunteers for the day.
Anyone interested should contact Tom Naughtin through email on  tomn@dfkbkm.com.au or call 0421 231 419.
Click here for a flyer.
  WFC Coaching Appointment  
  The Warrandyte Football club is thrilled to announce that Shane Newman will again coach the Under 19 team in season 2014.

Shane coached the Under 19's in 2013 and impressed everyone with his passion and dedication to improving the players in the under 19 squad. Shane worked tirelessly often in trying circumstances due to injuries, unavailabilities and other obstacles not of his making and the 2014 committee and senior coach Michael Tout are excited about working with Shane in 2014. Shane has a large amount of coaching experience behind him including 8 years coaching with the Warrandyte Junior Football Club.

We welcome Shane back to the fold for 2014 and look forward to working with him to build a strong and highly competitive under 19 squad.

  Massive Subdivision  
  Click here for details.  
  Pre-season News  
  The Bloods in the news.  
  Season 2014 Fixture  
  The fixture for next year is here!  
  Bendigo Bank Offer  
  Click here for the details of our incentive program.  
  Pre-season Training  
  Click here for pre-season training details.  
  Thank You
  WFC Major Sponsor The Grand Hotel Warrandyte ran a ladies day function on Oaks Day. Peter Appleby and his team at The Grand kindly donated all proceeds from raffles held on the day to the Warrandyte Sporting Group (WSG) which is the body responsible for the management, marketing and communications of the new sports club facility at Warrandyte Reserve. The Grand raised $1,234 on the day and recently donated this amount to the WSG.

On behalf of all WFC members we thank Peter and The Grand for their ongoing support. The WFC urges all members and supporters to support local people and businesses such as The Grand that provide financial and in kind support for community interests.
  Our Certificate to The Grand  
  Breaking News  
  WFC senior coach Michael Tout has confirmed that Kangaroo's legend Glen Archer will assist the Bloods in season 2014 and beyond.

Arch was last involved with the club in season 2010 when he helped guide the senior side to a Division 3 finals appearance, the last time the club has had any team in finals. In addition to the assistance Arch will be providing off field he has also committed to playing some games with the senior team this season and he is working hard to secure a big name signing to pull on the jumper for the Bloods in season 2014 for some guest appearances. Stay tuned...

Full details of senior coaching panel will be advised at our 'Meet the Coach' night at Grand Hotel on Fri 8th November @ 7PM.

The club is still recruiting for the reserve and under 19 coaching positions. Anyone interested in taking on these attractive roles should contact Tom Naughtin on 0421 231 419.

  Warrandyte Football Club AGM  
  The Warrandyte Football Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th November at 7:30pm, upstairs at the Grand Hotel.
The club invites all interested to attend the meeting.
  Meet the Coach!  
  The Warrandyte Football Club would like to announce the appointment of Michael Tout as senior coach for the 2014 season.

Michael returns to the club after stints at Donvale FC and most recently Greensborough FC. Michael was senior coach in the club's last two finals appearances in 2009 and 2010. Michael has extensive coaching and playing experience and we welcome him, his team and Cathy and family back into the fold.

The club is thrilled with this appointment and is looking forward to working hard with Michael to be successful on field and off in 2014 and beyond. Click here to view our invitation to meet Michael.
  WFC Sponsorship  
  Warrandyte Football Club prides itself on two underlying principles - uncompromising passion and genuine hard work. We are looking for like-minded sponsors interested in developing sound commercial relationships based on long-term commitment, mutual benefit and sustained growth.  
  2013 Award Winners  
Congratulating our 2013 Award winners
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